Hello, my name is Steve E.J. ‘Sapthu’ (Pronounced as: Xap2 / Xaptwo what is also my Gamer TAG). I’m married with grown up children.

Atari 600XL

I’m also, an ICT Professional for a long time, it started with the Atari 600 XL Home Computer, also Commodore 64 was launched after the Atari upgrade towards the 800XL, that brought me into IT.

This was old skool Home Computing through a cassette player. I’ve build my first LAN network inside a company way in the 80’s. Original I was a Graphical Designer and Prepress Printing made Photo’s, did drawing a lot and made music on an actual Music Instrument.

When the PC came out I saw a New way of Editing and making leaflets and so on. DTP (Desk Top Publishing) was born only in those days, it had not yet the  name DTP. Through my own work as a Graphical Designer I came in contact with ICT. A Head-hunters company asked me to work for them and I said yes. Stopped my Own business and went working in the ICT, and from that day I never left.

I did Support and Implementing of whole New IT Departments and so on. Until the IT changed in the year 2000, when we saw that there was no Millennium Bug. The market went another direction, The Help-desks what I’ve been putting up, stands for a higher Technical Knowledge and Support went into the arms of call-centres, with no Knowledge at all.

This is where I thought about leaving the IT Support and move also in a other direction, but I was already aged in the IT. That brought me outside of Holland into the Big companies Call-centres where everybody could find an job.

I also started to move into the Gaming sector and started some courses 3D Studio Max and so on. Until somebody asked me; ‘why you don’t write a blog’. I had something like, who me?, are you crazy. Writing is for people who do an better job than me. He started to tell me the opportunity of writing and earning, he didn’t gave up.

After this, I started and here we are, again March/April 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic Level 5 Lockdown. I’ve refreshed my WordPress blog and started over from scratch.

I’ve started Gaming on the Atari 600XL, in those days ‘Arcade Game Halls’ were the thing. After work in Amsterdam City Centre, you always could find me, for an couple of hours in there. Playing Sega or Atari Games ( one day, I need to write about these Games, I still play them on Console or PC).

Streaming came after that, it started with Testing Games, because my kids started show interest in Gaming, I bought for my Son & Daughter in those days Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

Testing needed to be done, because I’m an Christian and I like a little bit of respect in our children. I needed to test Games and everything what they were watching on TV. When they were not able to watch or play the Game, I needed to come up with; Why Not? Tell them about the Story Line and so on, but we always gave them an option to play another Game. What my children liked, was Race Games and Crash Bandicoot what they played on their Nephews Sony PlayStation. Because my children liked Racing, we looked at Games with them and what they liked, we would buy an Game Console for them.

Nowhere days my both children own an Xbox ONE & S. After the Nintendo, it got me also. I was hooked and still playing Games on my PC, but find out Consoles are the thing. 

Our Next Console became after intensive research of my side, because I’m an Graphical Designer, I like my Games in High Resolution and Amazing Graphics. That brought me to Analyse Sony PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. Xbox just came out with the Original One and the Duke Controller. My other request was, an Multi Media kind of Device, were you can do a lot more stuff on, than only Gaming, like listening to your own music, video’s and so on.

We ended up with an Xbox Org Console and since then, it’s Xbox with some sides steps to PlayStation/PC because of the Games. I ended up Moding my XBox Original, with the Xecuter II Chip and did it myself. This opened the XBox Original, to an Multi Media Console, were I could put Games on, Music and Videos and even Remotely connect to the Device and run whatever I wanted, through XBMC.

XBox Original

But it did not ended up there for me, I did not stay an Gamer or Streamer, NO, it became actually my Job. Through Gaming on the First Home computers, I knew what I wanted to do. Nowhere days, I’m over 30+ Years in IT and have an massive amount of Knowledge and Experience, still Gaming and Streaming and enjoining ICT more than ever before.

So…. When you are also into Gaming, because of the Amazing Games Graphics today, you are on the right spot. I will talk about Games and it doesn’t matter, from which Platform. The only thing is, I need to have played it myself.

For this moment, my reviews and Gaming experience, is from; PC/Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and Xbox Org, ONE & Series X|S platforms.

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