Gaming on XBox Series X|S

My Reasons why Gaming or Multi Media on the Xbox Series X|S is more FUN than you can handle.

Created: April the 6th 2021

Xbox Series X|S

First an very Big ShoutOUT to all, who I’ve been using their Content from, to create an complete Article and of course, I also follow them for an long time now;

Thank you MicroSoft, XBox, LTT and XBox ON

On 10 November 2020 MicroSoft Launched their Next GEN consoles, called the XBOX Series X & S or short for X|S. This will be my Base Line were I will start testing from.

Follow the link to see the XBox Series from the inside, or click on the picture.

XBox Series S from the Inside

These 2 devices are very powerful, in Processor speed, in Resolution in Next GEN Innovations like Ray Tracing and HDR options and even in Sound Quality. Because Microsoft already had some long time Partnerships with several OEM Company’s, it was an matter of time, or MicroSoft will come up with New Solutions, as they have done before. As I mentioned in an earlier writing, my Background Story it’s obvious that MicroSoft would have some thoughts about Innovation and creating New Path ways.

I will give you more reasons than the 5 what was mentioned in the Dutch article. I’m Dutch & a Xbox Insider, so it was an simple transition towards an Upgrade of that Article.

I will be using the pictures from the Xbox Series S, from the Microsoft Xbox Web Site along with the Video’s, what will be available. or press the S and it will bring you to the right Web Site.

Thanks to MicroSoft for creating this opportunity, for their Gamers and followers.

For every Reason I will mark it with an Bullet point at the beginning and in Red and an Thumbs UP sign πŸ‘ at the End, so that you can find them easily.

The Cheapest and Smallest NEXT GEN Experience.

As you may know, the Xbox Series S, or as I call both Consoles XsX or XsS. The Series S is the Smallest brother of the Series X, but it has the same Capacity and Power as the Series X on some differences, what I will go into in this Article.

To begin with one of the 5 Reasons is the Series S is way cheaper, than the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

  • For an whopping €299,99. πŸ‘

I’ve also bought the Series S because the Series X was not available yet, due to Chips Shortage and massive request of our Gamers Side to buy this Console. Also because there are still flaws in the Next GEN Consoles, it was for me no problem to take the Series S instead. I will of course buy the Series X, when it comes available.

I hear you guys thinking, He is an Xbox Insider and also need to wait on the new Console? Yes, indeed. We as Xbox Ambassadors or Xbox Insiders we don’t have the Privilege to have the consoles earlier than others. We hoped that we could have it earlier, because than we could have tested it properly before the whole release.

For us it was just as much an fight as for you guys, to get an Xbox Series Console. I choose not to pre-order it, but next time I will. 🀣 Again……

  • The Series S is Smaller, thinner than the Xbox ONE S, what I also own. Another πŸ‘ for me.  For the Size info of the Series S is: 27.5 cm x 15.1 cm x 6.5 cm. It’s even smaller than an piece of Paper, A4 format what is 21 cm x 29.7 cm.
  • The Series S just as the Xbox ONE S, your able to choose, to have it laying down or standing up. πŸ‘
  • Just as the Xbox ONE S it has Side Ventilation and also at the Top.
  • Next is what is mentioned in the Picture below, the New SSD Technology & SOC chip called Velocity Architecture in an Game Console. πŸ‘ That’s what I call Innovation.
  • But also 120 FPS on this Small Next GEN Device. πŸ‘

As an PC Gamer for us it’s all in the Frames per Second. Things like Ghosting, Tearing, Latency are such things, what will be solved with higher frame Rates. What Nvidia explains a lot better in the next Article link: Why Does High FPS Matter For Esports? ( or what my friend in Canada Shows in his Video Content: Does High FPS make you a better gamer? Ft. Shroud – FINAL ANSWER (Follow the links to see & hear the answers)

Click on the picture to see the Video of LTT

For me Higher Frame Rates, gives you a lot more Game Play experience, when the Game Supports this of course. From the Server Side of the Game, it needs to be having this Option activated.

Microsoft made no excuse, when they announced the higher Frame Rates.

  • That Brings us to the Next Thumbs UP, Ray Tracing & LightningπŸ‘ 
Click on the picture to see the Video of XBox ON

As we speak, there are already several updates for Games involving these settings.

  • What I also find an Amazing feature is HiberNation of Your Game, or what Microsoft called ‘Quick resume‘ πŸ‘
  • Together with Project XCloud, you can Play/Stream anywhere.πŸ‘ on any device you want.

With the Quick resume Feature, you can Stop whenever you want and Play on with the Game, whenever you want. Nice when you need to run to the bathroom or to the Store or grab something to bite on during Game Play. Or when you want to Play another Game, Just start the Game and your Previous Game is put on Standby, until you’re ready to use the Game again, you will see in the Top Right ‘Quick Resume’ popping up.

click on the picture to see XBox own Video on this

This is why these Consoles are the Best for Families, when you need to grab Dinner with your Family, just Pause the Game, close down your console and resume it when you’re finished.

Ideal for Gaming with your family? Yes, it is! πŸ‘

Because it’s small it fits in the Living Room next to your TV or below it.

  • But it’s also Completely Family Friendly or what I find, user friendly in use of DVD’s Disc, because it doesn’t have an Disc Drive in it, it’s Totally Digital. Download the Game from the Xbox Game Store or Game Pass or Xbox Live Store and it installs the Game on the SSD and you can play it without any hassle to find the misplaced Disc. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • The Internal 500 GB SSD is upgradable with an SSD Cartridge (from Seagate) that goes into the back of the Device and has the Same features as the Built in SSD. Quick resume and so on. πŸ‘ Yes, the XBox Series X has an bigger internal SSD of 1 TB.
1 Tb Seagate Storage Expansion Card & Braille Signs below the Ports πŸ‘
  • Through the New SSD capabilities and SOC Chip as Xbox calls it the Velocity Architecture, Start Up of the Xbox Series S is Fast just like the Loading Times of Games. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Click on the link to see the: Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S 1TB Solid State Drive – NVMe Expansion SSD for Xbox Series X|S(STJR1000400): Computers & Accessories

  • Because the XBox Series S is small and powerful, packed with the latest Innovations in Gaming, it’s the ideal companion for Small and Large Living Rooms. With the Amazing Sound Quality of Dolby Digital, Dolby ATMOS, DTS and Windows Sonic. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Dolby ATMOS, DTS: X and Windows SONIC
3D Spatial SOUND
360 SOUND Immersion
Backside of the XBox Series S / XsS and watch the Braille Signs below the Ports πŸ‘
  • When you use the XBox Series S with ‘XBox Game Pass‘ you will have an hugh library of Games at your fingertips, even the New ones will be available. πŸ‘ I’ve been using Game Pass, to Test Games, when I like them, I buy them for an Discount Game Pass Price for your own keeping. πŸ‘ Butttttttt…… with the ‘XBox Game Pass’, you will have XBox Generation Console Games, from the Original XBox until the New Series X|S, what Microsoft calls the ‘Backwards Compatibility‘, πŸ‘ when you still own old XBox Games from the Original, XBox 360 or The XBox ONE family, you can play them all on your New Series S and X, but also with ‘XBox Ultimate Game Pass‘ what is already available on Windows 10 for PC πŸ‘ you got Games on Console and on PC available to you and the Old Games look better and run Faster on the New XBox Series Family. 

The XBox Series S is in comparison with his bigger brother, on some features less Powerful. This makes the Series S amazing, when you don’t own an 4K TV or an Hugh Digital Home Cinema Set.

Microsoft created the Series S for this purpose, were buyers can experience NEXT GEN Console on their own Device what they own.

As Example: I don’t own an 4K TV (yet) or an 7.1 / 5.1 Home Cinema Set. I own an Amazing 3K CAD CAM Laptop and an Game Capture card, I still play XBox Series S through the Game Capture Card on my Laptop, with my Turtle Beach 7.1 Headset I have everything, and don’t need an hugh Gaming Setup. ( I want too, but Priorities)

For me Internet is just as Important for Gaming and Streaming but also for my Job, there for I’ve the Fastest internet Available in my Area.

My Gaming Setup is Mobile with my Home Network, I can sit were ever I want in my own house.

With the use of ‘XBox Companion App’ I’m able to stream my XBox on my whole Network, even in the Bathroom. 🀣

For the Complete Specs of the Series S, you can follow the link: The all-new Xbox Series S | Xbox

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