Remote Working and what is needed?

My name is Steve and I’m an former Internet Service Provider (ISP) Engineer for UPC. I would like to tell you what you need to think about when you are going to buy Internet from any Service Provider.

I like to talk about Remote Working and what is needed.

As a former Internet Service Provider Engineer and an IT Professional for over 30 years, I would like to say something about this and point out what is really necessary you know about this.

When you are working from Home, Remote Working demands a lot off your Internet. What you are doing extra at Home, in a Lockdown situation and when everyone is at home and using Internet, by Phone, Tablet, Laptop/PC, Game Console and TV. This will demand of your Internet speed a lot.

Use Speedtest to test your Internet Speed first. https://www.speedtest.net

First take note of your ISP.

How does your Internet End up in your Home:

This picture is for every country the same. (Old Picture)

This Picture provides you with an understanding about the internet that you ordered to your Home. It is the same for everyone, also for companies. The Only difference is the contract you’re agreeing on with your ISP. For business are bigger because they demand a lot more connections and speed.

The Network Provider has a BackBone installation, with other Network Service Providers.

The Only thing is between the Phone, Cable, Satellite Company will be more in-betweens before it reaches us at Home

  1. Your ISP Central HUB, this is where all Internet Starts for your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Every ISP has a Central HUB, this could be in the Country remote or close to a BIG City.

This is where you see, on that Campus a Lot of Antenna’s and Satellite Dishes and even a very BIG Satellite Dish or even more of these Hughes Dishes.

  1. From the central Hub, there is a Big Powerful enough cable (should be) to the City HUB.
  2. From the City Hub there is a cable going or several to the Street HUB

The City Hub or a local AREA Hub, could be something like this

Or a Small Building like this

A small building in your City what will be Labelled with a Power Sign, something like this.

The Street HUB.

Will always be a Grey or Green Metal Cabinet in your Street.

The further away you are from this BOX. This means that you are sharing with all the Neighbor’s in that street when they have the same Provider.

The Internet Service Provide Central HUB or the Main Point of Access were all the Internet Traffic and Communication of Service will be coming from.

Will be a Big Campus with a lot of these kind of Antenna’s and Satellite Dishes

or have Antenna’s like these

Because to get the Internet Speed towards your Home there is a lot of Power Needed and the Signal needs to be Transformed or even cranked up, to keep the signal alive.

As an ISP Engineer, we had tools, to measure this Speed. What we measured, is only available when you have an ISP DC Meter.

Something like this

When the signal is below this average, a ticket (Request for Measurements) needs to be issued, that the Cable will be checked and measured for a possible damage.

Access Point In House

The AOP is your Access Point in House.

This should be a Small Grey or any color box, were the Connections of your TV or Radio is coming from

Also, your cables & connectors are especially important. The wrong cable and connectors can be damping the signal and will decrease your speed. When your cable is too old, you will see a decrease in speed. Coper is a strange metal in cables, when it has Oil from your fingers on it, it will have a damping effect on your signal. Combined with transpiration it will form rust on the coper wire and that will even give signal lose.

These things are very important in the use of Internet. Touching the coper wire or the inner copper core, will be causing signal lose and decrease of speed. Touching anything of coper has effects on the performance of the coper, when this is cables or connections.

Remote working is best done attached with an Ethernet Cable, Wi-Fi is a signal and can be jeopardized by the surroundings, what will have an effect on your Internet Connection.

Ethernet Cable

This is an Ethernet Cable, they come in various sizes and colors.

There are several categories, and they are in varied sizes and lengths. It’s a BIG telephone plug, we call the Plug RJ45 Connector. The Telephone RJ Plug is RJ11 and is smaller than this RJ45 Ethernet Cable Plug.

What is particularly Important are the CATegories, There are 7 in total now. Different Categories are for different types of Network Speed.

Gamers are a good thing to look at, they need to have the best speed and how fast the responsiveness is of your Internet. We call that LAG or Latency; this is the moment you do something (when you action something is always an upload) and it will be received by the server.

This is the responsive time of your upload, which will be received at a Server were you sending this responsive action to. It depends also how you are connected to this Content. When you are connected in an Remote Session or through an Browser, when you are connected by Ethernet Wire or Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). When your Office is in a BIG city and your office does not have that fast Internet Download and Upload, it could take some time, before the response you send will be received and going back to you. Your screen will be looking like it froze up in time.

In Cable land, we work with Categories, the Cable is also marked with the CAT [number] any good cable will have these Printed on the Cable. When you have an 1Gbps Router/SWITCH or Network, you need at least CAT6. When you are going over 25m or sometimes even below 25m asks for Shielded Cable. Think about when you are living close to an power/train/relay station or antenna’s, shielding all your cables will help with your interference issues. How longer the cable will be, it will act like an antenna. Think about the early days, when the radio, was only connected with the air by an single coper cable, to receive AM Radio.

The Cable length can be variant in transmission speed per length CAT 6 & CAT 8 intended use is Important, when you have 100 meter of CAT 6 or 8 the performance of that cable will be average when you use a max of 50 Meters or lower, performance will be much better.

You will always have interference, when you have a longer cable, when this is Unshielded or shielded. Interference on cable is a common thing, which is why there is [shielded] and [unshielded cables]. Of course, the Shielded are better protected against Interference of outside sources.

That is why the measures are given, to stick to these measures, otherwise you will see a decrease in Performance Speed.

The Shorter the cable the better the Cable Performs, that is of course different with Fiber Optics, because the signal we are sending through the cable is not measured in MHz, but it’s a light beam or accurate to say a short light beam burst.

When CAT is not printed on it with the number it will be CAT 3/5, that is what we started to use with ISPs with Routers & Modems.

The Difference in Routers is also particularly Important for your Speed and the firmware this Router will be having.

A Router has more than ONE Ethernet Connection at the back.

This is the latest UPC (Virgin Media UK/IE) GigaBit Router

This Router is capable of handling 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps. Only the UPC Network needs to be Upgraded to have this fast speeds. The protocol or Interface Cable companies use are DOCSIS. and we in Europe have a different standard than in US, for that it is called EU DOCSIS/EURODOCSIS.

DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification

At this moment we have EU DOCSIS 3.1 what can handle speeds up to 10Gbps. To have this speeds available, ISP needs to upgrade their HUBs and Network.

Check your Provider if they have Gigabit Speeds, that means they are already updated towards faster speeds.

There are different ISP Technologies like.

  1. Cable Internet (Internet Providers using the Old TV Signal Cabling)
  2. Satellite Internet (Internet Providers using Satellite Discs)
  3. ADSL Internet (Internet Providers using the Old Telephone lines)
  4. Fiber Internet (Internet Providers using Fiber optics Cabling)

All the Internet Service Providers are combining the Signal together with everyone else their Signal towards their Street HUB.

In the Street HUB it will be divided, towards all the houses in your street. This means you will be sharing the Internet Signal with others, when you’re the last house in the street, all your neighbor’s who are before you from the point of the Street HUB, will be getting more than you are.

The best to measure this is, when everyone is at home and see how fast your Internet Speed is.

When there are a lot more neighbor’s using the same Internet Service Provider, you will be sharing the speeds with them.

The Only Internet Provider who has Fiber Optics, means that you are not sharing the Signal with others, because there is only ONE Fiber Optics cable Specially for you connected to your House. Those speeds are also different measured. For Other Internet Service Providers, the Download Speed will be higher than the Upload. With Fiber optics this is the Same because the signal you send and receive is the same light beam.

For MHz signals to be uploaded, towards the Network is an hugh amount of Power needed and the same for you when you want to upload it to your Internet Service Provider. Fiber optics is for this ideal because the amount of power you need is the same in sending and receiving.


An Internet Modem is a quite different device, this is always used with Coper Phonelines

It Modulates the Analog signal, [Phone line is an Analog line] and converts it into Digital Signal.

Modulating and DeModulating Converting back and forward to Analog Signal

The Modem has also less more ports than a Router would have. You also have Modems with just as much Ethernet Ports as a Router.

The best thing is when you have a Modem like this, buy a SWITCH what you can hook up to your modem, this way you have more Ports available.

A SWITCH is a DUMB Router, only be used to passthrough signal.

Router does more than passing through Signal, it also secures your Network Signal and provides all your Systems on your Home Network with an IP Address.

First you need to take notice of your Surroundings, before you order Internet Service.

  1. Internet Service Providers doesn’t have one cable from their Centrale HUB towards you, the longer the cable from the City HUB to your street, is a decrease of Internet Speed. The Longer the cable is from your Street HUB to your HOME, is a decrease of your Internet speed.
  2. You are sharing with other people the Internet Bandwidth to your Street HUB, means is a decrease of your Internet Speed. The families around you, are they using the same Internet Provider, will be an problem for you, when you need your Internet Speed.

The Only Internet Service Provider who has a Single Line from their Central HUB to your Home, will be the Internet Service Provider who provides Fiber Optics. It is called FttH (Fiber to the HOME)

What you need to know, there are Standard rules. To provide end users with Internet access a set of rules are implemented, that guards and keeps the Internet working properly. That is why you see Internet Service Providers, upgrading their Network, to provide the fastest speeds.

Internet speed depends on your Resolution of the Data content [Text, Pictures and Videos] you’re Downloading or Uploading. Because the resolution gives you an indication how big that file will be. When it’s [Text, Pictures or Videos] there is always resolution involved


When your Text, Picture or Video Image is FULL HD it will be shown in size 1920 x 1080. What you see her down below, the bigger the better the Resolution is, the bigger the file size will be.

This is also the case for Movies and data you’re requesting from a website, it has all to do with the Size of Information your requesting and Downloading

  1. Full HD TV 1080P is requesting of your Internet Broadband at least that you have 20 Mbps Download speed. When you have 20 Mbps, your able to see Full HD without any hick ups and colored Dots or Freezing Images/Screen or freezing and jumping forward. But it depends on when you are alone on that Cable to your Home and when your alone using the Internet at home.
  2. 4K TV watching is a lot more. 4K is 4 x Full HD or 4 x 1080P, when you are watching UHD (Ultra HD) Movies wat 4K is, this already asking 4x the speed of your Internet. 80 Mbps, but to be on the safe side there is 100 Mbps and that would be sufficient to watch 4K, Your Upload speed is low, because it takes less Uploads towards your internet Service Provider to perform an Request.

It’s something Different, when your Uploading an 4K Image or Movie to Internet, than your Upload Speed needs also to be more.

  1. When you are working from Home, it’s the resolution of Your Laptop and what the Remote Server is setup with, that asks your Internet Speed. Again with a Full HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 your Internet Speed needs to be 2x the speed you’re watching Full HD TV. Why, because you are not only receiving Data (Download Speed) like in watching a Movie, your also Uploading Data and that’s where a lot of people getting jaggy or freezing images. 20 Mbps download & upload is not enough keeping your Data Stream alive. This needs to be at least 1.5 Faster. With remote working from Home, your Download Speed and Upload Speed needs to be more, because for Full HD Image to download you need it also for the upload, because you’re sending the same amount of Data with working from Home.

Some Remote Access Servers are intelligent enough to know, when you are sending Data. Certain Protocols make sure that they receive the same amount of Data what is send and try to fix this with what they already have.

But even with this Protocols in place, your Internet needs to be good for working from Home.

When you have an very good and fast Internet, the best way to test this if your Internet Speed can handles it, is Running an full HD or 4K YouTube video on your Smart TV or when your Laptop/PC is able to show 4K resolution.

Your also able to run it in 4K and see if your Internet Speed is up for the task.

Here is where you can change the Resolution of the Video you’re Watching, for me it’s set to HD as you can see the HD mark is on the Gear.


This is an 4K Movie of Costa Rica.

Press now the Gear and you will see the following Menu, where you choose Different Resolutions.

Try the 4K and go down until you find the right one, what will measure up to your internet Speed. When you get the loading sign in your Video, this means your Speed is not up to show this in real time and needs to download more into his buffer. The Demand is too high on what your Internet Speed is capable of handling.

You see there is more to it working from Home than we used our Internet for.

And to answer the question when your boss needs to pay for your Internet?

Yes, your Boss needs to provide the means for you to do your Job correctly when he asks of you to work from Home. Because this asks of your Internet Connection some speed, what you possible don’t have yet.

When your Boss can’t provide the answers what you need, at least your IT Guru needs to be answering this for you.

But make no mistake, your Home Internet is not designed by you to work from Home. When you are an Nerd like me or Gamer like me, you will have the best Internet at your Home. But even when you have the Best Internet, what I have is 1Gigabit per second.

I will never get to 1 Gbps because of that I’m sharing my UPC Backend from Virgin Media with others in my Street. I’m living at the main street of my city, so I assume the city Hub will not be far away from me or it is.

My speeds can be sometimes

But look at my PING, London is fast in responding.

You can try different Locations, that’s how it works the Internet.

It depends where you are requesting Data from, different locations can have a drop in internet Speed. So can your Company Network, you are connecting with.

It depends on how that company is connected to the Internet and especially their Internet Service Provider.

The Internet Backbone is the important Infrastructure of the Internet

Internet backbone – Wikipedia


It gives us a good picture, how the Major cities and countries are connected and what kind of Connection it is and what Speeds that connection has.

You’ve been blocked


Artikel on @NU.nl about SONY Streaming Services

Sony test streamingdienst met films en series voor PlayStation Plus-abonnees https://www.nu.nl/tech/6129365/sony-test-streamingdienst-met-films-en-series-voor-playstation-plus-abonnees.html (via @NUnl)

This article is taken from an Dutch NewsPaper:

Donderdag 08 juli 2021 | Het laatste nieuws het eerst op NU.nl

Sony test streamingdienst met films en series voor PlayStation Plus-abonnees
Sony test streamingdienst met films en series voor PlayStation Plus-abonnees

23 april 2021 08:17

Poolse PlayStation Plus-abonnees kunnen het komende jaar Video Pass uitproberen. Het gaat om een videostreamingdienst op de PlayStation waarmee abonnees zonder extra betalingen naar films en series kunnen kijken, bevestigt Sony-topman Nick Maguire in gesprek met Spider’s Web.

De dienst werkt met een aparte app op de PlayStation 4 en PlayStation 5. Op dit moment staan er 21 films en series op, waaronder Blade Runner 2049Baby Driver en alle seizoenen van Community. Elke drie maanden moeten er nieuwe titels verschijnen.

Video Pass is onderdeel van PlayStation Plus. Dat is het betaalde abonnement van PlayStation. Spelers hebben dat nodig om gekochte games online te kunnen spelen. Verder kunnen mensen met het abonnement elke maand enkele spellen ‘gratis’ downloaden en krijgen ze korting op aankopen van games.

De videodienst wordt een jaar getest in Polen. Als onderdeel van de test blijven de maand- en jaarprijzen van PlayStation Plus gelijk. Het is niet bekend of die uiteindelijk omhooggaan als abonnees gebruik willen blijven maken van Video Pass.

Verder is onduidelijk of de dienst wereldwijd wordt uitgebracht; dat wordt na een jaar geëvalueerd. “Op dit moment kan ik niet zeggen hoe het testproces er voor andere landen uitziet”, zegt Maguire. “Ook over de toekomst van Video Pass kan ik niet uitweiden.”

This needs an Translation:

Sony test streamingdienst met films en series voor PlayStation Plus-abonnees
Sony tests streaming service with movies and series for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Apr 23, 2021 08:17

Polish PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to try out Video Pass in the coming year. It is a video streaming service on the PlayStation that allows subscribers to watch movies and series without additional payments, Sony CEO Nick Maguire confirms in conversation with Spider’s Web .

The service works with a separate app on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It currently contains 21 films and series, including Blade Runner 2049, Baby Driver and all seasons of Community. New titles should be released every three months.

Video Pass is part of PlayStation Plus. That’s PlayStation’s paid subscription. Players need this to be able to play purchased games online. In addition, people with the subscription can download some games ‘for free’ every month and receive a discount on purchases of games.

The video service will be tested in Poland for a year. As part of the test, PlayStation Plus monthly and annual prices will remain the same. It is unknown whether these will eventually increase if subscribers continue to use Video Pass.

Furthermore, it is unclear whether the service will be released worldwide; that will be evaluated after one year. “Right now I can’t say what the testing process looks like for other countries,” said Maguire. “I can’t elaborate on the future of Video Pass either.”


I need to talk about;

The Halo Franchise and in particular about Master Chief and Cortana. What they meant for me in my life and IT future.

My Favorites, I will also be signing OFF, in ICT Service

Master Chief and Cortana are for me HALO.

Without them there is NO HALO for me.

For Years I played HALO, because of Master Chief and Cortana, who made this Game for me interesting.

When they came up with HALO 4, I had an bad feeling they would replace my Favorite Characters, Master Chief and Cortana. For me HALO 4 was the last Game, I would play of the HALO Saga. I saw my dream falling into pieces, I saw my Gaming experience ending.

For me what me kept Gaming was HALO and their Main Characters. Without it there was no point for me in playing this Game.

What I also saw, was that a lot of Gaming houses went into Multi Player Gaming and ‘343 Industries’ thought they needed to jump on that Train before it left them behind. There for the whole HALO Game needed to change, I understood where they were coming from, but I hated it would happen with my Favorite Game.

I allowed the side step of HALO, with HALO Reach, but it was not as much fun as I’ve played Master Chief.

HALO made me decide to buy an XBox.

Without HALO I thought it won’t be much fun anymore. I was right, after HALO 4, I did not play as much XBox anymore, I went back to Game on PC. And tried to find an NEW Game where I could be interested in and lose myself again into the Gaming world.

That did not happened, everything was more into Multi Player Gaming, there was no Game what you could play alone. I think, because of the PC was still Number ONE in Gaming rig. The Consoles needed to evolve into NEXT GEN Systems.

A lot of Games and time past , I became an XBox Ambassador and after that an XBox Beta Tester until Microsoft changed it into XBox Insider Program.

Microsoft insider Program & other Insider Programs I’m doing I’ve just upgraded this picture and need to add also Windows 11

I became this, because I was searching for an NEW Game to play. Nothing could out match HALO and Master Chief and Cortana.

I was happy again, when Microsoft Implemented their AI in Windows and called it Cortana. For me it’s Legacy or History, what they gave me, I liked the Game so much, it should also bring me down when they would pull the plug. I knew I would not play that much anymore, when they would actually do it.

I saw an glimpse of hope when they showed HALO Master Chief Collection, but those were the old Games, they even showed an Trailer with Master Chief holding the Empty Memory Card Shell of Cortana in the Desert. But nothing, along time of silence………………., the damage was done, he & she were gone, taken from my Memory.

click on the picture to see the video

I did not enjoy Gaming so much anymore, as the beginning of this journey. Just the same with Destiny, I played it from the beginning, I thought would this be the NEXT Game I would like. For years I’ve tested and Played this game and it looked like I had a NEW Game, until they broke with Microsoft and XBox and went to SONY side. Suddenly, it was not my Game anymore, it became darker, more dungeons and dark places, what you needed to explorer. I played it, but it would come also to an end.

I still own HALO the original versions and even the New versions, but the Game Designers or Game Houses killed it for me.

I don’t get it, when they make an TV Serie and it’s successful, they milk it until we are bored to dead with it. Why can’t they do it with an Game, what is so difficult to understand.

I think because they are IT people. I myself, was also in the beginning an IT person, not able in communicating and thinking simple anymore. Until I became an Project Manager and needed to think for others and learn others, suddenly I understood. That others who are not into Computers or IT, don’t know what I’m talking an thinking about.

My wife was an very good example or my children. I was very proud when my wife, started to work into IT, the Test she needed to do for getting accepted, was tough, but she did it. All those years I was talking to her and my children about Computers, payed off. She passed the test, because she was always listening to me, even when I bored her with my conversations.

It was just like that with Master Chief and Cortana, I worked in IT and found pleasure in IT, it would dominate my life as it done now for everyone in the world.

Master Chief and Cortana made my life easier, when in the beginning in IT, no one understood us, the IT guy’s, because we are not from this Universe.

Through Gaming, I got more and more knowledge about ICT and I started working in it. I never thought, it would have that much, of an Impact on my life, Gaming and ICT.

I will never relive that moment, when the First Game, or the Sequels of HALO came to pass, until they pulled the plug on it. And went on, with something I did not like anymore. Call me old fashion or old skool, HALO captured me, I was already for an long time into SF (Science Fiction). SF opened the door for ICT and all innovations after that.

Halo Infinite could be the most popular game in the series for these  reasons | Bullfrag

Even when the XBox Series X|S came into existence, they showed us HALO Infinity and Master Chief.

Will I be enjoying HALO just like the Past? NO, it won’t. I’m changed, they changed me and there for it will never, be the same anymore. Will I buy it? For sure, it was part of my life and I will cherish that forever, but the pleasure of Gaming as we did in the Past, is gone. Even Counter Strike, what I played a lot on PC, faded away after Master Chief and Cortana were killed by their Creators.

There for they also killed an part of me, who enjoyed this GAME so much. I’m still Gaming, but don’t enjoy it as much anymore as the past days. Gaming became something NEW in our life’s and I did and still don’t like it were its heading.

It needs to be our Entertainment.

From an busy day of working or school or life, it should bring us pleasure, like putting on the TV and watch the TEST Screen.

What I don’t get is, that people actually, putting on TV and don’t watch it, they using it as the NEW Radio or Desk Light.

Or,,, that they won’t feel alone???????? (What the hack)

For me Gaming was having pleasure and being entertained, what I had as an child when we played Board Games, I still like board games. Gaming gave you more than an board Game, you could step into, the GAME Hero, his shoes and fade into his/her world for an moment.

For me it was the ultimate way of bringing my mind to ease. Day in Day out, I’ve worked with NEW Technology, what others did not understand and found me weird. I was the embodiment, what would happen to others and nowadays the whole world. Sorry I’m talking of myself, but it was all people who worked in the early days in IT and ICT, man and woman. We made ICT possible, but after that when a lot more people got the same knowledge, we were forgotten, just like we all have forgotten, what it’s like, to play an GAME for the first time and enjoy it. Just like eating or drinking something, what is tasting amazingly for the first time, that excitement.

HALO and in particular MASTER CHIEF and CORTANA will always be in my heart, I will cherish them and comfort them, they gave me something, what paved the way for me into ICT.

After almost 40 years in ICT, it’s also time for me to leave it behind, I did what I had to do, just like the other man and woman in ICT from the early days, we created ICT, what it is today.

Without us there would be no IT or ICT.

Just Like Master Chief and Cortana, Steve E.J. Sapthu is SIGNING OFF from ICT Duty!

See you out there!

 p.s. I will be, keep on writing my blog.

In Remembrance of the First ICT Man and Woman, it was an pleasure too work with you all, creating IT, in what it is today. ❤️❤️❤️

The Complete Game Pass list April 2021

Date: April 2021
Game Pass CONSOLE Games List Game Pass for PC  Stream Anywhere
A Plague Tale: Innocence Available Available
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown    
  Age of Empires Definitive Edition  
  Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition  
  Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition  
Alan Wake Available  
Alien Isolation Available  
  Among Us  
  Ape Out  
Ark: Survival Evolved – Explorer’s Edition Available Available
Assetto Corsa   Available
Astroneer Available Available
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts    
Batman: Arkham Knight   Available
Battle Chasers: Nightwar Available Available
  Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2  
Battletoads Available Available
Beholder: Complete Edition   Available
Black Desert – FULL Edition   Available
Blair Witch Available Available
Bleeding Edge Available Available
Bridge Constructor Portal Available Available
Brütal Legend    
Call of the Sea Available Available
Carrion Available Available
Carto Available Available
Celeste Available Available
Children of Morta Available Available
Cities: Skylines Available Available
Clustertruck Available Available
Code Vein Available Available
  Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection  
Control Available Available
Costume Quest 2    
Crackdown 3 Available Available
Cricket 19 Available Available
CrossCode Available Available
  Crossing Souls  
  Crusader Kings III  
Cyber Shadow Available Available
Darksiders: Genesis Available Available
Day of the Tentacle Remastered Edition Available  
DayZ   Available
Dead by Daylight Available Available
Dead Cells Available Available
Deep Rock Galactic Available Available
Deliver Us the Moon Available Available
Descenders Available Available
Desperados III Available Available
Destiny 2 (until the last Expansion available)   Available
Dirt 5 Available Available
  Disgaea 4 Complete Edition  
Dishonored Definitive Edition Available Available
Dishonored 2 Available Available
Disneyland Adventures Available  
Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Available Available
Doom – 1993 Available Available
Doom – II Available Available
Doom – 64 Available Available
Doom – 3 Available Available
Doom – Eternal Available Available
Donut County    
Double Dragon Neon    
Double Kick Heroes Available Available
Dragon QUEST XI S – Echoes of an Elusive Age Available Available
Drake Hollow Available Available
Dungeon of the Endless Available Available
Eastshade Available Available
eFootball PES 2021   Available
Elite Dangerous   Available
Empire of Sin Available Available
  Endless Legend  
  Endless Space 2: Deluxe Edition  
Enter the Gungeon Available Available
  Europa Universalis IV  
F1 2019 Available Available
Fable Anniversary    
Fable II    
Fable III    
Fallout New Vegas    
Fallout 4 Available Available
Fallout 76 Available Available
Final Fantasy VII Available Available
FInal Fantasy VIII Remastered Edition Available Available
Final Fantasy IX  Available Available
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Available Available
Five Nights at Freddy’s Available Available
Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Available Available
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Available Available
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Available Available
Football Manager 2021 Available  
For the King Available Available
Forager Available Available
Forza Horizon 4 Available Available
Forza Motorsport 7 Available Available
Fractured Minds   Available
Frostpunk: Console Edition Available Available
Full Throttle Remastered Edition Available  
Fuzion Frenzy    
Gato Roboto Available Available
Gears of War    
Gears of War 2    
Gears of War 3    
Gears of War 4 Available Available
Gears of War: Judgment    
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Available Available
Gears 5  Available Available
Gears Tactics Available Available
Genesis Noir Available Available
NOT Available Ghost of a Tale  
Goat Simulator Available Available
Golf with Your Friends Available Available
Gonner2 Available Available
Greedfall Available Available
Grim Fandango Remastered Available  
Grounded (Testing purpose only) Available Available
Guacamelee! 2  Available Available
Halo 5: Guardians   Available
Halo: Spartan Assault Available Available
  Halo: Spartan Strike  
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Available Available
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Available Available
Halo Wars 2 Available Available
Haven Available Available
  Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition  
  Heave Ho  
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Available Available
Hello Neighbor Available Available
Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Available Available
  Hotline Miami  
Hotshot Racing   Available
Human Fall Flat Available Available
Hypnospace Outlaw Available Available
Ikenfell Available Available
Injustice 2 Available Available
It Lurks Below Available  
Jetpac Refuelled    
Joy Ride Turbo    
Jurassic World Evolution   Available
Katana Zero Available Available
  Kathy Rain  
Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Available Available
Killer Queen Black   Available
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 Remix    
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue    
Kingdom Hearts III    
Knights and Bikes Available  
Levelhead Available Available
Lonely Mountains: Downhill Available Available
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Available Available
Mass Effect – Andromeda   Available
  MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries  
  Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard  
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood    
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Available Available
Minecraft Dungeons Available Available
Monster Hunter World   Available
Monster Sanctuary Available Available
Monster Train Available Available
Moonlighter Available Available
Morkredd Available Available
MotoGP 20 Available Available
Mount & Blade: Warband Available Available
Moving Out Available Available
My Time at Portia Available Available
Narita Boy Available Available
NBA 2K21   Available
Neon Abyss Available Available
Neoverse Available Available
New Super Lucky’s Tale Available Available
Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition Available Available
Night Call Available Available
Night in the Woods Available Available
No Man’s Sky Available Available
Nowhere Prophet Available Available
Observation Available Available
Octopath Traveler Available Available
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Available Available
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Available Available
Outer Wilds   Available
  Out of the Park Baseball 21  
Outriders   Available
Overcooked! 2 Available Available
Pandemic: The Board Game Available  
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition    
Perfect Dark Zero    
Phogs!   Available
Pikuniku Available Available
Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Available Available
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition Available Available
Planet Coaster: Console Edition   Available
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds   Available
  Plebby Quest: The Crusades  
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Available Available
Prey Available Available
  Prison Architect  
Project Winter Available Available
Quantum Break    
Rage 2 Available Available
Rare Replay    
ReCore Available Available
Remnant: From the Ashes   Available
Resident Evil VII Available Available
River City Girls Available Available
Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Available  
Ryse: Son of Rome    
ScourgeBringer Available Available
Sea of Thieves Available Available
Secret Neighbor   Available
Shadow Warrior 2 Available Available
Slay the Spire Available Available
Slime Rancher   Available
Sniper Elite 4   Available
Soulcalibur VI    
Spiritfarer Available Available
State of Decay: Year – One Survival Edition    
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Available Available
Star Renegades Available Available
Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones   Available
Stellaris: Console Edition Available Available
Stranger Things 3: The Game Available Available
Streets of Rage 4 Available Available
Streets of Rogue Available Available
Subnautica Available Available
Sunset Overdrive Available  
Super Lucky’s Tale Available  
Superhot: Mind Control Delete Available Available
Supraland Available Available
Surviving Mars Available Available
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Available  
Tell Me Why Available Available
Terraria   Available
Tetris Effect Connected Available  
The Bard’s Tale ARPG: Remastered Edition Available Available
The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Available Available
The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut Edition Available Available
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Available Available
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Available  
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Available  
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Available  
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Available Available
The Elder Scrolls Online   Available
The Evil Within Available Available
The Falconeer Available Available
The Gardens Between Available Available
The Little Acre   Available
The Long Dark Available Available
The Medium Available  
The Messenger Available Available
The Outer Worlds Available Available
The Surge 2 Available Available
  The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse  
The Touryst Available Available
The Walking Dead: The First Season   Available
The Walking Dead: Season Two   Available
The Walking Dead: Michonne   Available
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier   Available
The Hunter: Call of the Wild   Available
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales   Available
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege   Available
Torchlight III Available Available
  Torment: Tides of Numenera  
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Available Available
Totally Reliable Delivery Service   Available
Touhou Luna Nights Available Available
Trailmakers Available Available
Train Sim World 2020 Available Available
Two Point Hospital Available Available
Undermine Available Available
Undertale Available Available
Unruly Heroes Available Available
Unto the End Available Available
  VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action  
Viva Piñata    
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise    
Void Bastards Available Available
Wargroove Available  
Warhammer: Vermintide 2   Available
Wasteland – Remastered Edition Available Available
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Edition Available Available
Wasteland 3 Available Available
We Happy Few Available Available
West of Dead Available Available
What Remains of Edith Finch Available Available
Wilmot’s Warehouse Available Available
Wizard of Legend Available Available
Wolfenstein: The New Order Available Available
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Available Available
Wolfenstein: Youngblood Available Available
World War Z Available Available
Worms WMD Available Available
Wreckfest Available Available
Xeno Crisis Available Available
Yakuza 0 Available Available
Yakuza Kiwami Available Available
Yakuza Kiwami 2 Available Available
Yakuza 3 Remastered Edition Available Available
Yakuza 4 Remastered Edition Available Available
Yakuza 5 Remastered Edition Available Available
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Available Available
Yes, Your Grace Available Available
  245. YIIK: A Postmodern RPG  
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Available Available
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Available  

Xbox 360 Kinect E3 2011 “The Future of KINECT”

Een tijd geleden schreef ik dit artikel voor Foobs.nl. Dit is inmiddels achterhaald en de Update voor de Xbox 360 Dashboard is inmiddels gelanceerd, Windows Phones zijn uit met de Xbox Live aansluitingen. Ik zal t.z.t dit gaan upgraden, maar voor nu was het handig om dit artikel ook nog te plaatsen hier.

Xbox 360 Kinect E3 2011 “The Future of KINECT”

Written by Steve E.J. Sapthu

De Xbox 360 Kinect is geboren uit competitie met de Wii en Sony. Als Basis voor de KINECT heeft de film “Minority Report” met Tom Cruise gestaan. De Xbox 360 was al grafisch een top systeem, dit is met Sony Playstation 3 en de nieuwe Nintendo Wii alleen maar uitgebreid. Eigenlijk zijn er maar 3 Console makers zoals we kunnen zien, aan de jaarlijks terugkerende Games Beurs in USA, de E3, waar E3 staat voor Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 waar de 3 grote bedrijven die Entertainment consoles maken hun visie laten zien. E3 staat dus voor Electronic Entertainment Expo. De 3 grote Game console bedrijven zijn dan ook Sony, Nintendo en Microsoft natuurlijk hebben we ook de PC nog maar dat is een onafhankelijk bedrijfsplatform, wordt niet gemaakt door 1 bedrijf alleen, zoals de Mac, dat wel is.

Ik heb de E3 2011 ook gevolgd, de Xbox 360 kant dan wel te verstaan, ik kan je dus ook vertellen wat de toekomst is van de KINECT en die toekomst begint al dit jaar. Ik zal ook zoveel mogelijk screenshots en video’s in dit artikel plaatsen zodat u een beter idee over alles wat te krijgen is en waar aan wordt gewerkt heeft.

Zo heb ik gebruik gemaakt van 2 Xbox Live accounts, 1 van een kennis in USA, en 1 van mijzelf in EU/NL. Wij hebben hier in NL of in de EU überhaupt nog niet de mogelijkheden die ze in de USA hebben.

Zo wordt er via de Xbox live Netwerk, dit is een Betaaldienst van Microsoft waar dit jaar ook de Mobile telefoons op worden aangesloten en de opvolger van Windows 7, die ons voorzien van allerlei Entertainment diensten.

Entertainment is het Hot woord tegenwoordig in Gaming omdat het niet meer alleen om Gaming gaat, maar het totaal plaatje hoe wij kunnen worden entertaint.

De Entertainment die in de USA via Xbox Live op de Xbox 360 Console wordt gegeven zijn;

  • Video Marketplace (Films huren/bekijken/kopen)
  • Music Marketplace (Music huren/kopen/luisteren)
  • Game Marketplace (Games bekijken/Kopen/Demo)
  • Inside Xbox (Alle nieuwe aanbiedingen en mogelijkheden worden hier weergeven)
  • My Community (Nieuwste Apps zoals; Facebook en Twitter)
  • Spotlight (Alles wat in het zonnetje wordt gezet)

Nog een aantal andere opties die je ziet, zodra je aanlogt met je Xbox 360 KINECT op de Xbox Live netwerk. Let wel onderstaand is alleen te verkrijgen in USA op het Xbox Live Netwerk in de USA. Hiermee wil ik aangeven wat de mogelijkheden zijn en wat wij in de toekomst wel onze richting zien op komen.

Video Marketplace

De volgende opties;

  • Zune
  • ESPN
  • huluPlus
  • Video Library

 Music Marketplace

  • Zune
  • Last.fm
  • Music Games and Stores
  • Top Ten Music Videos on Zune
  • Music Library

Inside Xbox

  • Geeft je reviews van alle komende Games, Video’s, Music en toekomstige Features die worden verbonden met de Xbox Live netwerk.

My Community

  • KINECT Fun Labs
  • Video KINECT
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Avatar Marketplace
  • Gamer Spotlight

Game Marketplace

  • Explore New Games
  • New for Arcade
  • Game Library

Wanneer je aanlogt op de Xbox 360 KINECT ziet het menu display er zo uit.

Door omhoog of omlaag te bewegen met de knuppeltje/d-pad op de controller kan je door de menu’s scrollen.

Door met je hand te gaan zwaaien kan je de KINECT menu oproepen.

Door met je hand op de icoon te gaan staan, waardoor je de optie selecteert en opstart, kan je de Applicaties of selecties gebruiken.

Nogmaals de opties die je hier ziet weergeven zijn verkrijgbaar alleen maar in USA of waar deze opties beschikbaar zijn. De Europese en Nederlandse Xbox Live Netwerk is hier nog niet op gemaakt.

Zo kan je in Amerika TV kijken via huluPlus, ESPN, NBC News, Netflix of zelfs Sky

Zo kan je via last.fm radio luisteren via de diverse stream radio zenders die via het internet verkrijgbaar zijn, tegenwoordig heeft elke radio station live streaming.

Via de Zune optie kan je muziek/video aanschaffen of opzoeken die je wilt kopen tot de laatste en nieuwste die uit zijn gebracht.

ESPN optie is de Entertainment Sport Network waar je op dit ogenblik Sport kan volgen.

Video Kinect optie is de Video Chat apps via de MSN/Hotmail optie en dit alles in HD kwaliteit. Zo zoomt de camera in op je wanneer je beweegt en volgt hij je, zo is de microfoon heel gevoelig en kan alles weergeven maar ook onderdrukken. Zo hebben we dit kunnen testen toen ik in het buitenland was. Zelfs wanneer er weinig licht is is de weergave uitstekend en van hoge kwaliteit, wat je met vele cams hebt is dat het te donker wordt en je licht aan moet doen is dat bij de KINECT camera niet het geval.

De Apps KINECT Fun Labs vindt ik zelf het leukst, dit geeft weer de apps waar aan wordt gewerkt of beschikbaar zijn met KINECT.

De volgende 4 Apps zijn beschikbaar via Fun Labs ook in Nederland en dan ook in ons eigen taal.

Via de verschillende apps kan je via de KINECT sensor je zlef of gebruiksvoorwerpen/speelgoed inscannen die dan weer worden omgezet in bewegende animaties waar je iets mee kunt doen.

Zo zijn ze nog bezig om je zelf als Avatar  in te scannen die je vervolgens in de diverse games kan gebruiken.

Kinect Fun Labs for Xbox 360 (Filmpje op Youtube)


http://youtu.be/gbwNGA_QvPc?hd=1 (HD link)


Avatar is een character die je aanmaakt zoals onderstaand is aangegeven.

Je kan de character aankleden met allerlei soorten kleding die je kan kopen of vrij kan spelen, zo zijn er ook standaard kleding en attributen waarmee je je character kan kleden.

In sommige games kan je nu al met je Avatar spelen zoals in `Bomberman Battle Fest`

Nog leuker is als je je zelf kan inscannen en daarmee kan spelen.

Via de Apps Kinect Me kan je je zelf al inscannen alleen beperkt dit ng tot het alleen maar foto´s maken die je dan weer kan uploaden naar Facebook e.d.

Met de laatste optie alle foto´s of dergelijk te uploaden naar je Facebook account hebben ze de nieuwe generatie van communicatie verbeterd, zo ook heeft Microsoft Skype opgekocht. Kan je je voorstellen als je via de Skype Apps je vrienden die verbonden zijn met Xbox Live direct mee kunt Video Chatten.



Zo ook werkt Microsoft eraan om in de opvolger van Windows 7, OS Windows 8 Xbox Live te integreren als entertainment optie. Xbox Live zal dan omgedoopt worden als dat al niet is gebeurd naar Windows Live. En alle opties zullen dan via je Mobile telefoon of zelfs via je PC/Tablet/Xbox 360 entertainment te verkrijgen die je kan opstarten/gebruiken/opnemen.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 XBox Live


http://youtu.be/BB3EDy3dXow?hd=1 (HD Link)

Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone 7 – Gameloft


http://youtu.be/5w0TQHmMk4Q?hd=1 (HD Link)

Play Games With Windows Phone 7


In dit filmpje loopt het geluid te snel op de beelden, maar je krijgt inzicht in de diverse platforms waar het op draait.


Windows 8 partner demo


http://youtu.be/7MnEndww2YQ?hd=1  (HD Link)

Stel je voor dat je op weg bent naar huis in de trein en je via je mobile een Film bent begonnen te kijken, zodra je thuis bent kan je het via je PC/Tablet/Xbox 360 verder kijken waar je gebleven bent. Waar Ziggo & UPC met Streaming Video/Films de baan hebben gebroken, is dat ook al beschikbaar op de Xbox Live Netwerk.

Zo heeft Microsoft op de E3 aangekondigt dat de Apps Youtube binnenkort verkrijgbaar is op de Xbox Live Netwerk en nog meer andere Apps. Of deze direct voor Nederland beschikbaar zullen zijn ligt aan de vertaling die diverse Apps moeten doormakenen of die beschikbaar zijn. We zien al dat het bij heel veel Software/films een tijd duurt eer er een NL versie is. Ik kan me ook voorstellen dat de Windows Live Netwerk straks de voertaal Engels zal zijn om het internationaal beter te kunnen aanbieden met optie dat je voor je eigen taal kan kiezen als dat mogelijk is. Doordat Microsoft de laatste jaren heel veel entertainment bedrijven heeft overgenomen of heeft ingelijfd kunnen ze alles afstemmen op hun Windows/Xbox Live Netwerk.

Op de E3 lieten ze ook de nieuwe Games zien hoe dat er allemaal zal uitzien wanneer ze gelanceerd worden in 2012 of eind dit jaar. Heel veel bestaande Games hebben hun opvolger met de KINECT verbonden waardoor er een nieuwe manier van de Games besturen is ontstaan. Wanneer je Iron Man fims hebt gezien zie je dat de Hoofdrol speler wanneer hij zijn ironman suite aan het maken is of in zijn lab bezig is ook handbesturing gebruikt. Deze handbesturing is dus waar je aan moet denken wanneer je de Games speelt. Heb de diverse Games ook mogen zien als Demo en moet zeggen zelfs Sesamstraat is voor volwassenen heel leuk om te spelen. De simpelste Games zijn extra leuk geworden omdat je zelf de controller bent geworden.

Er staat dus heel wat op stapel, wat onze manier van spelen wederom na de Wii drastisch zal veranderen. Ook heeft de KINECT natuurlijk richting de PC nogal wat voor opschudding gezorgd, zo wordt er evenzo aan de PC versie gewerkt door diversen en zijn daar ook de mogelijkheden onbegrensd.

Voice Activation / Stem besturing

Wat nu ook al te gebruiken is de Voice Activation/Stem Besturing. Door de geintregreerde microfoon in de KINECT sensor kan je natuurlijk in KINECT chat je verstaanbaar maken zonder de koptelefoon met mic op te hoeven zetten. Zo kan je dus direct je Xbox 360 aansturen met je stem. (Dit is ook al verkrijgbaar in NL) Door simpel ‘Xbox’ te zeggen reageert de Xbox 360 door links onderin met de Microfoon icoon en de volume terug te komen. Dit geeft dus aan dat stembesturing is geactiveerd. Zo kan je Games opstarten en films e.d.

Hieronder heb ik de stem commando’s die je kan gebruiken om je Xbox 360 KINECT aan te sturen

How to control your Xbox 360 console by using your voice with Kinect.

With Kinect voice recognition, you can control your Xbox 360 console. To use Kinect voice commands, start by saying the word “Xbox”. Once you say “Xbox”, the Kinect speech bar opens at the bottom of the screen.

After you say the word, “Xbox”, you can say any word or phrase that appears on the screen to open that item.

For example, you can say “Xbox Friends” to view your friend list.

Here are some examples of things you can say to Kinect:

  If you want to…   Say this…
  Go to the Kinect Hub   “Xbox Kinect”
  Play a disc   “Xbox play disc”
  See more options in the Kinect Hub   “Xbox next” or “Xbox previous”
  Sign in to your profile   “Xbox sign in”
  Start the Kinect Tuner   “Xbox Kinect Tuner”
  Start Kinect ID   “Xbox Kinect ID”
  Open or close the disc tray   “Xbox open tray” or “Xbox close tray”
  Go to the Xbox Dashboard   “Xbox Dashboard”

You can use the following voice commands while watching videos or listening to music using Zune Last.FM (available in the US and UK only), Sky Player (UK only) or ESPN (US only):

  If you want to…   Say this…
  Fast forward a video   “Xbox fast-forward”
  Rewind a video   “Xbox rewind”
  Pause music or video   “Xbox pause”
  Play music or video   “Xbox play”
  Skip forwards   “Xbox next”
  Skip back   “Xbox previous”

For example, if you are watching a movie using Zune, say “Xbox fast forward” to move forwards through the movie. Say “Faster” to move more quickly through the movie. When you get to the part of the movie that you want to see, say “Play.”

You cannot turn the console on or off with voice commands. Voice commands are not available while watching videos from the Video Library or Netflix, or while listening to music from the Music Library. Voice commands are also not available when playing movies or music from a disc.

Note Individual Kinect games may also support voice commands. To find out if a particular game supports voice commands, refer to the game manual or on-screen tips while playing the game.

TV kijken en Games spelen wordt leuker doordat je niet meer je stoel uit hoeft te komen of de afstandsbediening niet kan vinden.

Zo heb ik ook nog de optie Face Recognition/Gezicht herkenning  aanstaan. Wanneer de KINECT sensor mij ziet wordt ik dus aangelogd onder mijn account. Vervelend met anderen die zijn aangelogd is, zodra ik in de buurt ben en de KINECT mij herkent krijg je dus een leding dat ik aangelogd wordt. Dit kan je oplossen door alle accounts die op de Xbox 360 aanwezig te zijn te voorzien van Face Recognition/Gezicht herkenning.

Microsoft Points

Is het geld waarmee je alles op Xbox live wat te koop is of te huur is mee kan betalen. Dit kan je in verschillende soorten aanschaffen als Opwaardeer kaart bij de diverse Game winkels of Elektronica winkels. Via een 16 cijferige code kan je dus je Xbox live account voorzien van credits/point (betaalmiddel). Wat later erbij komt, en wat nu al is uitgelekt op het Internet, is dat Paypal betalingsoptie ook wordt geintregreerd in de Nieuwe Xbox 360 Dashboard. Nu worden heel veel betalingen verricht door deze microsoft points of door je credit card te koppelen aan je Xbox Live account. Voor landen waar er geen gebruik wordt gemaakt van Credit Cards moest er een oplossing komen, hieraan is Microsoft met derde bedrijven aan het werk. Wat ik hoop is dat er meerdere betalingsopties zal mee gegeven worden zodat we zelf kunnen kiezen met wat we betalen. Ideal zal nog wel wat op zich laten wachtten daar zal Microsoft Nederland aan moeten werken om dit aan te bieden. We zijn het enigste land die dit gebruiken op dit ogenblik. Maar kan me voorstellen dat ze Moneybookers of E-Wallet, U-Kash e.d. naast Paypal integreren.


Is de Chat optie die je via de Xbox Live Netwerk en MSN krijgt. Zo kan ik via mijn Hotmail de chat optie op mijn PC chatten met Video Kinect.

Hiervoor moest de Link met MSN Messenger wel gemaakt worden daardoor is de weg voor Xbox Video KINECT en Windows Live Messenger open.

Bovenstaande zijn allebei Xbox 360 gebruikers met de KINECT maar ik kan u zeggen dat connectie met gewoon MSN messenger op uw PC net zo goed eruit ziet.

Wanneer je Video KINECT opstart dan ziet het als ondertaand eruit en kan je via de linker knoppen van vrienden, selecteren wie je wilt spreken.

Hier heb je wel de Xbox Live Netwerk voor nodig. Je moet dus een betaald account hebben bij Xbox Live om deze dienst te kunnen gebruiken. Hier kwam ik dus achter toen mijn Xbox Live account verliep en ik het nog niet had betaald toen ik in het Buitenland zat, toen werd het weer gewoon chatten en dat valt tegen omdat je dan weer met een gewone Cam zit, wanneer het donker is dan is het ook echt donker. Dat verbaasde me het meest dat de kwaliteit van Camera die in de KINECT zit ongelooflijk goed is.

De Camera is HD kwaliteit dus dan mag je ook wel wat beters verwachtten van je Video Chat met anderen. Je hebt hier natuurlijk wel een sneller of grotere bandbreedte nodig van Internet. Ook dit merkte ik in het buitenland waar de Wifi punt te ver weg was om Full reception (Volle Ontvangst) te hebben, Verbinding viel af en toe gewoon weg door de Video Chat die het niet trok. Al met al wanneer je een Xbox 360 KINECT hebt en je hebt een Xbox Live account het aanraden waard om te gebruiken.

Video Kinect and Messenger Demo


http://youtu.be/35KpZ8kPsb0?hd=1 (HD Link)

Ten slotte wil ik afsluiten natuurlijk met de Games die komen gaan op de Xbox 360.


Er staan blockbusters op uitkomen.

Zo komt HALO 4 uit volgend jaar 2012 en evenzo daarvan is een Trailer te zien, Master Chief doet wederom naar jaren weg te zijn geweest weer zijn herintree. Dit wordt spectaculair de Graphics zijn adembenemend, we hebben nog geen Demo mogen zien op de E3 2011 zodat we hadden kunnen zien of de controller plaats gaat maken voor de KINECT.

Dit gaat wel gebeuren voor MASS Effect 3, Tomb Raider en Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 om er maar een paar te noemen. Hieronder zijn links naar de Demo’s of Game Playes zoals ze het lieten zien op de E3 2011 in LA USA.


E3 2011: Halo 4 Teaser Trailer


http://youtu.be/XHFZx07p9yc?hd=1 (HD Link)


http://youtu.be/BmRBewBIIs4?hd=1 (HD Link)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Demo


http://youtu.be/CblUvlZDio8?hd=1 (HD Link)

Mass Effect 3: Kinect Gameplay Demo


http://youtu.be/xY7S3_08FPM?hd=1 (HD Link)

Al met al wanneer je dit ziet heb je er gewoon weer zin in om te gaan Gamen. Nieuwe episodes in een nieuwe manier van Game playing. Er staan nog veel meer nieuwe Games op uit komen ook zo de Nieuwe Dance Central 2 waar je samen kan dancen wat niet mogelijk was in 1, Sesamstraat voor de jongeren maar ook voor de ouderen, ook Child of Eden maakt zijn opwachting. Allemaal stuk voor stuk ongelooflijk leuke Games die je naar een hogere level brengen in het spelen ervan

Onderstaande link geeft een lijst weer van Games die gaan uitkomen, dit kan je allemaal bekijken op Youtube.


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