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I wanted to write an article called ‘5 Reasons why to Game or do Media things on your Xbox Series S’. This Dutch article needed an upgrade from an Microsoft & Xbox Insider, but I ended up writing this.

I’ve been testing the last decades, a lot of Games and Windows versions like Office and other Applications of Microsoft and Xbox. I’ve chosen to do this, because when I was working in IT (Computers) when Microsoft came out with MS DOS and after that with Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11. I saw something, what made this decision, to stick with Microsoft in IT, since 1975.

It brought me knowledge and Experience, what I can’t describe. One of the most Important things, what I saw in Microsoft was INNOVATION. This has also broaden my view through the Years in IT.

For me it was 33 Years ago I started in IT, when IT was still no IT, not long after this, it became ICT, because Telecom, was also effected by IT. That added the C of Communication.

IT beginning called
‘The Stone Age’

It did not had any name, when I started, it was still stone age, but it was an amazing time, to see everything and worked on it and even used it.

But, I always looked towards Microsoft, what they did for Networking in Business all over the world. That brought me also towards their Hardware, what they started to release and even build their self’s.

Xbox, is one of the Hardware’s, I fall in love with. But, it did not end there, Microsoft Surface Line and Microsoft Band came to pass. Only the Tablet (Surface) was their re-invention of the Tablet they already had.

The XBox Original, with the Duke controller

I’ve been using for an long time Microsoft their Mobile Phones, I still own one. Just like the first Surface Pro what I still have. This Surface Pro has an ‘life time’ Office Suite on it. I need to update, too Surface DUO or even to Surface NEO and the New Surface Tablet or even the Surface Studio.

Left the MS Surface NEO, Right the MS Surface DUO

Through the Years as an Project Manager, I’ve seen why the solutions, that Microsoft came up with, needs to be like that. In IT there is one more thing next to Microsoft, made me do my Job better and that was the invention of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

ITIL as I know it

When ITIL was born, it was everything what was missing in IT. ITIL gave us process and procedures, what was logic for ICT.

That’s the same for Microsoft.

When they started with Windows clients and Server, an whole new world opened up for us, who worked in IT. Things to make Networking easier, became the standard and were easier to implement. I’ve always seen myself as an Nerd, but this was also the case for Microsoft, they are Nerds, who started an company. For me Nerds are still, working for the End user. We make life easier for those who use IT or Computing Technology, by helping them, for us knowledge is no power, for us knowledge belongs to everyone.

This is what I’ve always have seen, Microsoft, as an Nerds Company who creates Software, for the End User, too make his life easier and nowadays, they even create their own Hardware. I’ve always told others, wait until Microsoft makes their own Hardware, then we will see, what they have been trying with other Hardware Manufacturers.

Now we see, what they can do with their Software, they create Hardware for it, that fits like an Glove.

I’ve always stand for that Microsoft was not Ready with their Software, until they bought Nokia and Skype. They were ready to evolve into the Perfect Company, who built Software for so long and always saw Hardware as an Instrument or tool, what they could make better through their Software.

With their First Mobile Phone they showed the world, how you need to make Hardware for Windows. The Nokia Lumia Series was born, The Innovations that came out of that New Beginning, was amazing to see. Suddenly Surface and Xbox own designs Saw the light.

As an Perfect glove for their Software.

There for I’m still an Microsoft Beta Tester and will stay until the end. Nowadays they call the Beta Testing, the Microsoft Insider Program and they have it for everything Microsoft creates. It’s an Program, I always understood and followed, because it was my Job, that the End User will work correctly without any issues.

MicroSoft Insider Program

Before I started into IT as an Technology Engineer, I worked and was Educated in the Graphical Industry. One of my Talents is drawing and it was logic those days, I would end up in Graphical Sector. This Sector was also called the prepress of Professional Printing. This was the beginning of DeskTop Publishing, where it found his Creation.

mostly done on an Apple Computer

So for me resolution was always Important, In the beginning of PrePress, we Designed with Vector Art Software and it was designed in LPI (Lines Per Inch) and later it became Dots Per Inch, DPI or even PPI, Pixel per Inch.

There is an lot of confusion about this. When you blow up an Professional Printed Image, from an Magazine you will see something different. Not PPI but you will see the colors what we use in Professional Printing called CMYK dots. CMYK Stands for Cyaan, Magenta, Yellow and K for black or Kontrast, what is the German word for Contrast.

It was the German Heidelbergh who gave us the Professional Print Press. In the early beginning when there were no Computers, we designed Magazines by hand and every picture needed to be perfect or High Resolution Image, before it could be used.

CMYK versus RGB
when you put CMYK on top of each other it creates the true color of the Image

Because I live in Europe, we use the PAL System, what stands for Phase Alternate Line.

PAL Resolution is and was better in Resolution, than the NTSC (National Television Standard Committee) version. PAL has an resolution in Lines of 625 on 50Hz gave 25 FPS (frames per second, NTSC uses 525 lines on your TV screen on 60Hz gave 30 FPS.

So Resolution was very important to me, even as an Photographer and as an Artist in Drawing. There for I always looked towards, Animation and Games in an resolution perspective. The first Animation Movie, were I saw this happening was; Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy ‘The Spirits Within

Gaming was for me the beginning of my IT Carriere. This started with the ATARI 600XL and after that one the ATARI 800XL and from there PC Compatible Systems, started with PC AT & XT and after that the PC 286, 386 and these systems came with an Co-Processor.

Left is the Atari 800XL at the Right Atari 600XL

After that the Pentiums saw the light, and I was still Gaming on the Computers or PC’s.

Until we got children, the first consoles found his way into our Home, The Nintendo 64 what was for my children, but I found also a lot of pleasure in that Console.

After this I needed to make an decision to buy an new Console, the PlayStation, Nintendo or the Xbox Original. After Days of analyzing the Information, I finally made an decision for the Xbox Original. Because for me it was not only Gaming, it was everything what you can do with an Console. It needed to have an CD/DVD Player and capable of Storing my Music and Videos and even needs to play my Music and Video’s.

There for it needed to be the Xbox Original, because it had an HDD Build in, what I also could SWAP for an bigger one. Of course my Xbox Original was modded, with the ‘Xecuter II & III’ what I installed myself.

As an IT Professional my background was also Electronics, there for I build my own Computers and took them apart and Upgraded them. 

Since then I stayed with Xbox, because for me the Game Console needed to do more than only Gaming.

This is my Background story, why I still Game after 35 Years and still build Computers and Servers.

This told, Now I can Start with the Article I want to write.

My Reasons why Gaming or Multi Media

on your Xbox Series X|S is more FUN than you can handle.

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