I need to talk about;

The Halo Franchise and in particular about Master Chief and Cortana. What they meant for me in my life and IT future.

My Favorites, I will also be signing OFF, in ICT Service

Master Chief and Cortana are for me HALO.

Without them there is NO HALO for me.

For Years I played HALO, because of Master Chief and Cortana, who made this Game for me interesting.

When they came up with HALO 4, I had an bad feeling they would replace my Favorite Characters, Master Chief and Cortana. For me HALO 4 was the last Game, I would play of the HALO Saga. I saw my dream falling into pieces, I saw my Gaming experience ending.

For me what me kept Gaming was HALO and their Main Characters. Without it there was no point for me in playing this Game.

What I also saw, was that a lot of Gaming houses went into Multi Player Gaming and ‘343 Industries’ thought they needed to jump on that Train before it left them behind. There for the whole HALO Game needed to change, I understood where they were coming from, but I hated it would happen with my Favorite Game.

I allowed the side step of HALO, with HALO Reach, but it was not as much fun as I’ve played Master Chief.

HALO made me decide to buy an XBox.

Without HALO I thought it won’t be much fun anymore. I was right, after HALO 4, I did not play as much XBox anymore, I went back to Game on PC. And tried to find an NEW Game where I could be interested in and lose myself again into the Gaming world.

That did not happened, everything was more into Multi Player Gaming, there was no Game what you could play alone. I think, because of the PC was still Number ONE in Gaming rig. The Consoles needed to evolve into NEXT GEN Systems.

A lot of Games and time past , I became an XBox Ambassador and after that an XBox Beta Tester until Microsoft changed it into XBox Insider Program.

Microsoft insider Program & other Insider Programs I’m doing I’ve just upgraded this picture and need to add also Windows 11

I became this, because I was searching for an NEW Game to play. Nothing could out match HALO and Master Chief and Cortana.

I was happy again, when Microsoft Implemented their AI in Windows and called it Cortana. For me it’s Legacy or History, what they gave me, I liked the Game so much, it should also bring me down when they would pull the plug. I knew I would not play that much anymore, when they would actually do it.

I saw an glimpse of hope when they showed HALO Master Chief Collection, but those were the old Games, they even showed an Trailer with Master Chief holding the Empty Memory Card Shell of Cortana in the Desert. But nothing, along time of silence………………., the damage was done, he & she were gone, taken from my Memory.

click on the picture to see the video

I did not enjoy Gaming so much anymore, as the beginning of this journey. Just the same with Destiny, I played it from the beginning, I thought would this be the NEXT Game I would like. For years I’ve tested and Played this game and it looked like I had a NEW Game, until they broke with Microsoft and XBox and went to SONY side. Suddenly, it was not my Game anymore, it became darker, more dungeons and dark places, what you needed to explorer. I played it, but it would come also to an end.

I still own HALO the original versions and even the New versions, but the Game Designers or Game Houses killed it for me.

I don’t get it, when they make an TV Serie and it’s successful, they milk it until we are bored to dead with it. Why can’t they do it with an Game, what is so difficult to understand.

I think because they are IT people. I myself, was also in the beginning an IT person, not able in communicating and thinking simple anymore. Until I became an Project Manager and needed to think for others and learn others, suddenly I understood. That others who are not into Computers or IT, don’t know what I’m talking an thinking about.

My wife was an very good example or my children. I was very proud when my wife, started to work into IT, the Test she needed to do for getting accepted, was tough, but she did it. All those years I was talking to her and my children about Computers, payed off. She passed the test, because she was always listening to me, even when I bored her with my conversations.

It was just like that with Master Chief and Cortana, I worked in IT and found pleasure in IT, it would dominate my life as it done now for everyone in the world.

Master Chief and Cortana made my life easier, when in the beginning in IT, no one understood us, the IT guy’s, because we are not from this Universe.

Through Gaming, I got more and more knowledge about ICT and I started working in it. I never thought, it would have that much, of an Impact on my life, Gaming and ICT.

I will never relive that moment, when the First Game, or the Sequels of HALO came to pass, until they pulled the plug on it. And went on, with something I did not like anymore. Call me old fashion or old skool, HALO captured me, I was already for an long time into SF (Science Fiction). SF opened the door for ICT and all innovations after that.

Halo Infinite could be the most popular game in the series for these  reasons | Bullfrag

Even when the XBox Series X|S came into existence, they showed us HALO Infinity and Master Chief.

Will I be enjoying HALO just like the Past? NO, it won’t. I’m changed, they changed me and there for it will never, be the same anymore. Will I buy it? For sure, it was part of my life and I will cherish that forever, but the pleasure of Gaming as we did in the Past, is gone. Even Counter Strike, what I played a lot on PC, faded away after Master Chief and Cortana were killed by their Creators.

There for they also killed an part of me, who enjoyed this GAME so much. I’m still Gaming, but don’t enjoy it as much anymore as the past days. Gaming became something NEW in our life’s and I did and still don’t like it were its heading.

It needs to be our Entertainment.

From an busy day of working or school or life, it should bring us pleasure, like putting on the TV and watch the TEST Screen.

What I don’t get is, that people actually, putting on TV and don’t watch it, they using it as the NEW Radio or Desk Light.

Or,,, that they won’t feel alone???????? (What the hack)

For me Gaming was having pleasure and being entertained, what I had as an child when we played Board Games, I still like board games. Gaming gave you more than an board Game, you could step into, the GAME Hero, his shoes and fade into his/her world for an moment.

For me it was the ultimate way of bringing my mind to ease. Day in Day out, I’ve worked with NEW Technology, what others did not understand and found me weird. I was the embodiment, what would happen to others and nowadays the whole world. Sorry I’m talking of myself, but it was all people who worked in the early days in IT and ICT, man and woman. We made ICT possible, but after that when a lot more people got the same knowledge, we were forgotten, just like we all have forgotten, what it’s like, to play an GAME for the first time and enjoy it. Just like eating or drinking something, what is tasting amazingly for the first time, that excitement.

HALO and in particular MASTER CHIEF and CORTANA will always be in my heart, I will cherish them and comfort them, they gave me something, what paved the way for me into ICT.

After almost 40 years in ICT, it’s also time for me to leave it behind, I did what I had to do, just like the other man and woman in ICT from the early days, we created ICT, what it is today.

Without us there would be no IT or ICT.

Just Like Master Chief and Cortana, Steve E.J. Sapthu is SIGNING OFF from ICT Duty!

See you out there!

 p.s. I will be, keep on writing my blog.

In Remembrance of the First ICT Man and Woman, it was an pleasure too work with you all, creating IT, in what it is today. ❤️❤️❤️

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