They don’t need me anymore

In the End of 1990 I’ve told people that our Support desks would change, there will be more outsource and the business will provide services instead of core business.Nobody would believe it. Nowhere day’s our support is been done by Call centers, who doesn’t have the knowledge we had.

I’ve told people, that when every system will be linked, we will have a better overview of our tax and Government things and other stuff you need to go out for and wait for a long time in line. Nobody would believe it. Nowhere day’s every form you need to fill in for the Government is Online retrievable or filled in.

Years back I’ve told the people the way we retrieve information will be very different, the computer will provide the information we seek. Nobody would believe it. Nowhere day’s all our equipment from Mobile Phones, Computers (tablets/Notebooks etc.), Game Consoles, our fridge, Heather and so on are linked with Network/Internet.

Couple of years back when the Mobile phone came around, I’ve told people that they will do much more, just like a notebook with a palm device, Nobody would believe it. Nowhere day’s the Smartphone is the most used product in the world. You check your email, chat messages, the weather, where you want to eat, what time the bus/train is leaving and so on.

Couple of years back I’ve told people that the way we have entertainment would change. We would watch films and TV on a handheld device and pause it, when we came home we go on with watching it on the Big screen. Nobody would believe it. Nowhere day’s you are able to watch TV and Movies on your Smartphone or play games, and when you come home after travelling by train you Pause it on your Smartphone and unpause it on the Entertainment console and watch where you left it/play the game where you left it.

In the beginning of the computer era in my country I’ve helped it to built, nowhere day’s they don’t want me or I’m not needed anymore. With me a lot of others of my age, we are not able to get hired anymore in the profession we are expert in, our country does not need us anymore.



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