CES 2012 more announcements

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


Schick announced the First Variable Razor



The iRobot controlled by an iPad

Built in Radar collision avoided and so on



New Logitec C920 Webcam

It features HD 1080P Video Calling via Skype, Dual mics, Carl Zeiss optic lens, Auto Focus & many more options.



GE Cameras

Cheap cameras all beneed the $ 200,=



Netgear Media Storage Router

Router with NAS Storage 3,5” HDD and you can control it through a apps on your Smartphone




Lenovo Yoga Tablet/Laptop

Laptop you can transform into a tablet, touchscreen display and runs Windows 8



GiiNii AudioBulb Wireless Speakers

Wireless speaker into a light bulb, you don’t have to worry or find power for it



Maytag Self Cleaning Oven

Through use of New Materials this Maytag oven makes cleaning easier.



Samsung CES 2012 KeyNotes

Samsung pushes the boundaries of content, design, connectivity, interaction and reinvention with the unveiling of its diverse 2012 product lineup, which includes the ES8000 LED TV, 55″ OLED TV, WB850 Smart Camera, Wi-Fi Camcorder, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Series 9 Notebook, Series 5 Ultra and Series 9 Monitor. Here’s your look at the future of consumer electronics.

Appearance of device may vary. Features vary by product/model. See product pages for more information and availability. Some features may not be available in all areas. The above content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Samsung is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.



Sony Xperia Ion Phone

Exclusive first look: Sony Ericsson Xperia ion. With full 1080p video support and a 12MP camera



Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0

The features of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 that create an intuitive and intelligent communications experience. A unified inbox, as well as socially integrated calendar and contacts applications, are just a few of the features of PlayBook OS 2.0.



OLPC cheap Tablet $ 100



LG 55 inch OLED HDTV

LG Electronics (LG) presents the future of TV technology the world’s largest OLED TV with a display size of 55 inches. LG OLED TV generates the most natural colors of any TV set at a much lower price point than could have been achieved using the standard manufacturing process.



and many more.


CES 2012 Microsoft Keynotes 10th of January 2012

CES News regarding the Microsoft Phones, Windows 8 and of course the Kinect

Written: Steve E.J. Sapthu

Wow, Wow, Wow, it’s amazing what’s coming, through Microsoft.

You can watch the live video streaming;


Recap the CES 2012 Keynotes (also shown) of Microsoft.

  • The New HTC Titan & HTC Radar Windows Phones launched today in the USA
  • The New Nokia 900 Windows Phone also launched today in USA
  • Windows 8 Test launch and downloadable to test, end of February
  • Windows 8 Apps working on HTML 5
  • Windows 8 Next Generation HW
  • HTML 5 the next generation of Hypertext Language, Fast and direct
  • Xbox Kinect Interactive Multi Media Platform
  • Xbox Kinect Interactive TV (Sessamestreet)
  • KINECT will come to PC at the end of February

These are the Highlights and keynotes of the Steve Ballmer’s CES 2012 speech.

It’s really impressive to see, what is going on in Computer, OS, Phone, Game, Game Console and Entertainment industry.

They showed us first the New Windows Phones, especially the ones who are been launched today in the USA and elsewhere; The Nokia Lumia 710 & 900, the HTC Titan with an impressive 16 Megapixel camera and also the HTC Radar.

They showed the use of the New Windows phones the apps and so on, how to use them.

Last December 2011 Microsoft launched the New Xbox Dashboard; the feeling of Windows 8 is all integrated in Xbox 360 Dashboard. The New Apps where also launched, we see Bing as main future for search into Xbox Dashboard. Voice control is now the option to choose between a controller or using the Kinect for input. You know can choose what you want to use as input.

We saw also the New Windows 8 and also for the PC you can choose of a diversity of Input, Keyboard, Mouse, Touch or Kinect. Also amazing to see how fast it worked.

HTML 5 is fast and direct especially in the apps what they showed and in the coming Windows 8, its working power is amazing, live streaming not loading first, direct available.

All the important things directly accessible not needed to start up the apps (Application) but direct available.

Imagine when Kinect is coming to the PC and what you can do, they showed also the new opportunities where you can use the Kinect for.

They showed us also the interactive TV through Xbox Kinect, Sessamestreet workshop showed the interactive Sessamestreet it was awesome to watch how children can actually play or interact along with the broadcast, it was amazing.

The Kinect Voice control through the Xbox 360 is amazing, you don’t need your controller anymore and you can input the characters through voice recognition. WOW I’ve been using this already on my Xbox 360 Kinect, it makes it so easy to search for something or to launch an apps.

This was an impressive speech of Microsoft CEO with the help of his team to show the features of the New Gadgets and OS. I’m still following the CES 2012 it will be ‘til the 13th of January.

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