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Hi, I’ve been following the changes what are made to the X-box live and also to the upcoming Windows phones and the Windows 7 & 8 Releases. It will going towards Entertainment at your fingertips and across Different platforms from Phone towards PC & Tablets and Game consoles. It’s really trilled to follow this all. The only thing is that it will again be a Major platform and that the risks are only getting higher and greater in terms of Security. A good thing is that Microsoft is in OS & Security. For competition there would at this moment be none. Proberly the others will follow we need to see how fast they can implement this, where Microsoft has been dealing a lot of issues with the OS in the years. We are looking forward what is coming, it will be more an issue of how people login on. Think they will implement the chip or Irish scan or fingerprint scanning, especially because there will be money involved and to do this the right way, they already been testing these things. It would be for our benefits to have a secure network or services where we can log in to.. I will discuss these things later on.


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